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Best Samsung Systems for Sale in South Africa

The Samsung brand is synonymous with innovation, quality, dependability, and value in South Africa and around the world. Since 1990, Samsung has sold over 80 000 telephone systems due to its commitment to high-quality products built for South African circumstances. Copiers Africa can provide your company with the best range of Samsung telecoms business products and services in South Africa, with unrivalled innovation, quality, and service.

View our range of Samsung PABX systems for sale in South Africa.

Why Choose Samsung PABX Systems

Background and History

Samsung Electronics, founded in 1969, became South Korea’s biggest manufacturer. The company’s early growth was due to the domestic consumer electronics industry’s early expansion and exporting. Samsung also purchased Korea Semiconductor, the first Korean wafer processing company, enabling it to become a semiconductor manufacturing leader.

Samsung Electronics became a global player after merging with Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications in 1988. It was the world’s largest electronics company by sales in 2010, putting it at the centre of the industry. Its dedication to innovation has allowed it to maintain its position as a market leader in memory chips, televisions, and mobile phones.

Samsung Core Values and Mission in Delivering Exceptional PABX Systems

Samsung is a technology giant whose corporate mission and vision statements emphasise technological innovation for worldwide societal benefit. Superiority is implied by the company’s mission statement, which implies excellence and leadership in electronics, and other markets. Samsung supports an inspiration-focused strategic purpose that positions the company as a global influencer among people and civilisations.

The business organisation ensures competitive advantages against major technology businesses such as Apple, Google (Alphabet), Amazon, Sony, Intel, Microsoft, and LG by adhering to Samsung’s corporate mission and vision. This competitive environment imposes significant forces and strategic challenges that necessitate high rates of innovation and high-quality standards in Samsung’s operations, technological product development and design, and the use of modern technologies to support operations.

Key Features of Samsung PABX Solutions

The most up-to-date Samsung communications telephone systems utilise IP technology to seamlessly connect with existing business networks. Using the Internet to make high-quality VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls is a huge money saver, making it one of the most appealing features.

A company’s ability to convey its message clearly depends on the quality and dependability of its communication infrastructure. Installing subpar or untested systems can lead to complications for your company down the road.

Samsung PABX systems are flexible and scalable to fit the demands of any company – on site and online. Samsung has developed state-of-the-art systems that provide a wide variety of advantages and a modular layout that can easily accommodate corporate expansion by using cutting-edge VoIP technology.

Samsung PABX Product Range

The backbone of Samsung’s convergence approach is the Samsung OfficeServ family of VoIP PBX phone systems. When it comes to business communications, Samsung OfficeServ IP Solutions opens up doors that no other provider can. By connecting IP Phones (VOIP Phones) to the OfficeServ over a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), as well as over external data links, a VOIP phone system releases businesses and their employees from the constraints of a traditional corporate infrastructure.

With this innovative platform, you can incorporate potent apps that boost productivity and customer satisfaction, like Unified Communications (UC), enhanced voicemail and unified messaging, and video conferencing. Up to 400 users can make use of the superior wireless, voice, and data networking provided by a single integrated OfficeServ IP telephone system.

With a VoIP business phone systems, you can connect your entire organisation, from main headquarters to satellite offices to home offices to remote employees, to one unified, secure, and scalable network. Samsung Proprietary IP Networking (SPNet) is a feature that allows OfficeServ systems to be networked over wide area data connections, and it is used in the Samsung OfficeServ 7000 Series. This supports even more complex features, such as centralised operators and call distribution between sites, in addition to more basic ones, such call forwarding and transfers.

The Samsung DCS 408 digital PABX system is a cost-effective and feature-rich phone system that is well-suited for businesses of all sizes.

The DCS 408 guarantees that your company’s phone calls are answered promptly and professionally. Speed dialling, redialing, call forwarding for when you’re busy or unavailable, and call pick-up, which lets you answer calls from coworkers on your own handset, are just a few of the useful tools that are at your fingertips. Calls can be redirected to external numbers using features like trunk transfer and call diversion.

Samsung PABX Pricing

Panasonic KX phone systems include a sliding price scale based on the desired number of lines and other features. However, the price is typically lower than that of competing systems. It’s feature-rich and reasonably priced, with options for complex call routing, automated attendant services, voicemail access from any internet-connected device, conference calling, scalability, and more.

Copiers Africa has done extensive price and solution-finding negotiations with all major service providers to deliver you the best possible value. Copiers Africa has certified printer engineers, best service practises, and the latest automated service levels, so our customers never have to worry about being overcharged or choosing the wrong brand again because they were disappointed the first time.

We at Copiers Africa have taken measures to make it easier for our small and medium-sized business clients to get their hands on funding. We’re working with a major bank to make it easier for SMEs in South Africa to purchase a high-quality PABX system. Our new SME Lending Solution will allow us to assist a higher volume of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their startup processes.

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