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Best NEC-Phillips PABX Systems for Sale in South Africa

Why Choose NEC-Phillips PABX Systems

The integration of digital technologies into every part of a business is radically changing how companies function and serve customers. Reevaluating company models and operational processes needs adaptability, inventiveness, and cultural change.

NEC-Phillips helps smart organisations in South Africa grow by embracing digital transformation and offering innovative communications and IT service delivery and management.

View our range of NEC-Phillips PABX systems for sale in South Africa.

Background and History

On August 31, 1898, Kunihiko Iwadare and Takeshiro Maeda used the facilities they had acquired from Miyoshi Electrical Manufacturing Company to launch Nippon Electric Limited Partnership (Nippon Electric Company, Ltd.; officially NEC in 1983).

NEC Corp acquired a 60% share in the Business Communications Unit of Royal Philips Electronics NV in 2005. In preparation for a major push into the IP communications market, the company rebranded as NEC Philips Unified Solutions.

The narrative of NEC-Philips PABX Systems is one of technological prowess and collaborative achievement in the dynamic landscape of South Africa’s communication industry. NEC-Philips PABX Systems found a fertile new market in South Africa as the country’s economy expanded and its business climate changed. These cutting-edge systems’ seamless combination of dependability, scalability, and feature-rich capabilities made them an instant hit with enterprises of all sizes.

NEC-Philips’ PABX Systems have evolved over the years to include features like digital interfaces, integrated voice and data solutions, and complex call management. NEC-Philips PABX Systems’s dedication to innovation has brought company to the forefront of South Africa’s telecommunications industry.

NEC-Phillips Core Values and Mission in Delivering Exceptional PABX Systems

With a history stretching back over 120 years, NEC-Phillips maintains a firm dedication to company principles and a mission that powers the production of superior PABX Systems. The company’s success can be traced back to the core beliefs and mission it was founded on.

NEC-Phillips offers nearly 100 years of industry experience, making them a trustworthy resource. They design and sell enterprise-specific PABX Systems using their telecoms sector and technology expertise. Their solutions are innovative, scalable, and high-quality, helping enterprises optimise their communication networks.

Key Features of NEC-Phillips PABX Solutions

Several important advantages make the NEC-Phillips PBX system an appealing communication solution for organisations in South Africa.

The system’s greater scalability enables firms to readily handle expansion and react to shifting communication requirements. NEC-Phillips PBX systems are adaptable to businesses of varying sizes because to their modular design, which allows for the easy installation of new extensions, lines, and features with no downtime.

The system is also designed with dependability in mind. NEC-Phillips has established itself as a reliable provider of high-quality communication systems, onsite and online. Because of the importance of constant communication in South Africa’s fast-paced, cutthroat business environment, the PBX system has been built with safety features to prevent breakdowns.

Copiers Africa provides extensive repairs and service options when you buy a PBX system. In the event of an issue with the PBX system, businesses have confidence that our specialised customer support teams will be there to assist with installation, configuration, and ongoing technical support

The many useful features of the NEC-Phillips PBX system make it a great choice when you need to buy a phone system for your business  big or small.

Call routing is impressive. The system supports time-based routing, direct inward dialling (DID), and least-cost routing. These features assist organisations to manage incoming calls by routing them to the right extensions or departments according to established protocols.  Thus, phone handling is streamlined, wait times are reduced, and customer experience is enhanced.

The system’s enhanced voicemail is noteworthy. Each employee or division can have a voicemail box using the NEC-Phillips PBX system. Voicemails can be accessed on desktops, email clients, and mobile devices. Voicemail to email, text transcription, and graphic voicemail make voicemail easier and faster to use.

It also offers great conferencing capabilities. High-quality audio is available for virtual meetings with several participants. Call recording, participant management, and file sharing can considerably improve corporate interactions.

PBX works with many platforms. IP phone calls enable VoIP for businesses. Calling across IP networks, both internally and outside, improves company communication efficiency and agility.

Its management interface is straightforward. The intuitive administrative panel lets administrators define user extensions, call routing rules, and other system features. This simplifies system maintenance, reduces the need for specialised knowledge, and lets companies make rapid communication network adjustments.

NEC-Phillips PABX Product Range

The NEC PABX SV8100 is the best solution for small and medium-sized businesses who want to expand and compete. Any SMB can easily scale this feature-rich solution to meet your current and future communication requirements. The NEC PABX SV8100 can be upgraded to accommodate growing enterprises, with a communication solution for up to 500 users. Your initial investment is safeguarded while meeting a wide range of line requirements with a single NEC PABX SV8100 platform.

This PBX system offers a unique netlink survivability between branches, as well as a bespoke interchangeable handset design.

NEC-Phillips Pricing

If you are exploring the market to buy a PBX system suited for your business, contact us today for the best prices in South Africa.

Copiers Africa has taken measures to facilitate our SME clients’ access to financial options. We are collaborating with a major bank to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa in acquiring the optimal PABX system. With our new SME Lending Solution, we will be able to assist an even greater number of SMEs that require assistance getting their businesses off the ground.

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