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Generators for Sale

Generators have been around for quite some time and come in many shapes and sizes, from compact handheld devices to enormous, complicated machinery used to provide electrical power for buildings and other structures in the industrial or commercial sectors. You can browse through our wide selection of generators for sale. We also offer a selection of electric storage batteries for sale.

Power outages, whether scheduled or unscheduled, can cause significant damage to machinery and electronics in South Africa. This has lead many people to invest in generators for use at home or in their businesses. So much so that by the end of 2025, the South African generator market is expected to have grown from its 2022 valuation of USD 185.87 million at a CAGR of 5.94%.

According to 2019 data, South Africa has more backup generators per person than any other African country. Due to the unreliability of the national electrical system, many backup generators are used as a primary source.

According to a report compiled in collaboration with In On Africa and The Choice Architects, between 40% and 47% of respondents, regardless of age or wealth, want to purchase backup power sources in the near future.


Generators Basics

A home standby generator is a machine that is permanently wired into your home and provides power in the event of a power outage; this is not the same thing as a portable generator. A portable generator is more limited in size and requires more advance preparation than a home standby generator, which begins generating electricity the moment the grid stops supplying power to your home.

Fueled by petrol (though diesel and propane models do exist), portable generators use mechanical energy to produce electricity. Whatever the case may be, your generator consists of five main components: a gas-powered engine, an alternator, a starter, a fuel tank, and some outlets.

Mechanically, the parts of a generator function in a way that is not dissimilar to that of a car or truck. A generator, like a regular car, relies on a powerful, rechargeable battery to kickstart and sustain its fundamental level of energy. The generator also has a fuel tank to ensure the engine has what it needs to generate mechanical power. The engine is paired with an alternator regardless of the fuel type it uses. The mechanical energy from the engine is transferred to electrical conductors within the alternator.


What Our Generators Can Do For You?

Our generators are made to revolutionise your power requirements and may be used in a broad variety of settings. Envision a world in which power outages and peak usage are completely eliminated. No matter if you’re in the middle of a bustling city or the middle of nowhere, our generators will be there to provide the extra power you need. In addition, we’ve got you covered even in places where an electrical grid is unavailable, so you can stay in touch no matter where you are.

Our generators are ideal for use in sensitive settings like hospitals, labs, and medical institutions because of their reliability and low risk. We guarantee a consistent and stable power supply to maintain the proper functioning of life-saving machinery.

Our portable generators are useful for a wide variety of situations, including disaster relief, maritime operations, and construction sites. When backup power is absolutely necessary, our generators are there to provide it, whether at a telecom facility or a remote rural job site. With a portable generator you’ll never have to go without power again.



Power Considerations

The UPS is connected to the grid via an electrical outlet, and electronic equipment such as computers, laptops, displays, and wireless routers are then plugged into the unit. Any electrical appliance with a voltage requirement that is less than the UPS’s output is suitable for use with the UPS. Power from Eskom is fed into the UPS.


An inbuilt regulator and converter smooth out the fluctuations in voltage and current from the utility. Extra current is rerouted if it exists. After the UPS has stabilised the power supply, the battery inside the device supplies the connected equipment with electricity. This battery power gives protection against power fluctuations and a steady power supply.

The wattage rating is the standard by which generators are sold. The generators’ output will determine how many and what kinds of devices can be powered on at once. The generator’s performance is dependent on the reliability and quality of the supplied power.

To ensure the suitable generator is purchased and used, it is crucial to first ascertain the power needs of the home or company.

Businesses should also conduct load tests with their supplier or electrician before purchasing generators to verify the right size generator is purchased.

The most typical error made by businesses when purchasing a generator is getting the size wrong. This could lead to insufficient electricity for the company, or even worse, generator glazing if the load is too low and the generator is too big.

Glazing happens when oil on the cylinder wall is flash-baked by high-temperature combustion gases as they rush through the piston rings.


Safety Matters

The best practise for using a portable generator as a home power backup involves connecting the generator to a manual transfer switch. This is a “genset cord,” a thick, heavy-duty wire used to connect the generator to the transfer switch, is plugged into an outside electrical outlet (technically called a “power inlet box”). Inside the house, a cable connects the outlet to the transfer switch. The generator’s power is safely distributed to the various circuits in your home by following a path from the genset cord and outlet to the transfer switch and its circuit breakers.


Why Choose Copiers Africa

At Copiers Africa, we know that the quality of the service provider is far more important than any name brand. We’ve taken the time to shop around for you, finding the best affordable options and highest-quality services from a wide variety of providers.

Use our Real Audits as a starting point for a journey towards greater energy efficiency and lower operating costs. We will do a thorough energy audit based on your unique requirements and usage patterns and then provide a power solution that will fit in with your home or business without wasting any energy. It’s your ticket to a more sustainable tomorrow, whether you use it as an effective backup system or as a means to reduce your energy bills.

With our Supportive Solutions, we’ll be there for your energy infrastructure every step of the way. We know how taxing it can be to worry about things like backup power and alternative energy sources, which is why we offer 100% uptime guarantees for all of our customers’ energy infrastructure.

We provide a variety of Financing Options to help you achieve your technological goals, whether they be for business or pleasure. We offer convenient payment plans so you can get the gear you need right when you need it.