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A basic introduction to our range of paper shredders for sale an rental and how to choose what will suit your environment for destroying paper information.

With the recent introduction of the POPI Act, the shredder is being recognised as the first line of defense to protect against information loss and fraudulent activity. For more information about paper shredder prices or to rent a shredder, give our team a call.

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We have a wide selection of heavy duty shredder machines for hire. We also have a range of popular Kobra shredders for sale. We also offer month-to-month printer rentals and have a variety of copiers for sale.

The right to privacy is regarded as serious business in South Africa. This includes the right to protection against the unlawful collection, retention, dissemination and use of any individual’s personal information.

The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act was created to do just that – protect your personal information. It will do this by regulating the way in which personal information may be processed by establishing conditions that prescribe the minimum requirements to be considered lawful. The Department of Justice also offers valuable insights.

Basically, what this means is that companies have to receive consent from individuals before they can obtain and retain their personal information for communication or any other purpose. “Personal information” includes contact details, demographic information, personal history as well as communication records.

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By meeting the requirements of POPI, businesses will not only be complying with legislation, but also adding value to their trade and earning the respect and loyalty of the consumers they market to.

The route to understanding the implications and preparing an organization for compliance with POPI means businesses will be in the market for a shredder.

While the basic design of a paper shredder is the same whether it is a desktop version or an industrial shredder, there are a range of considerations that businesses must take into account in order to get the right tool for the job.

When picking out a new shredder it must first be decided how much paper it can handle, what type of shred is needed, if it can handle materials other than paper, if it is a name brand and therefore carries a warranty, and most importantly, does it meet adequate security conditions required by the new legislation.



Most office environments end up shredding approximately twice the amount of paper they think they will after purchasing a shredder. A more accurate estimate of how many sheets will need to be shredded per day and how many sheets the shredder should be able to handle at a time is an important first question. A small personal paper shredder which may only be able to shred one to five pieces of paper at once, over 20 uses per day, will work for a small home office. A heavy volume industrial shredder can shred between 5 000 and 36 000 sheets of paper a day, depending on its configuration. The majority of SMEs see a need for somewhere in the middle; one which can shred 50 to 100 sheets of paper each day.



Most basic paper shredders use a strip cut system, which turns each sheet of paper into thin ribbons. High security shredders use a cross-cut mechanism, which twists the paper while cutting it, reducing it to small scraps. These are essential for handling especially sensitive material. In some cases, a shredder can handle more than paper; for example, diskettes, compact discs, cardboard or credit cards can also be shredded.



Most shredders only handle paper up to legal size. Ask your supplier for alternatives if you handle confidential material of tabloid size or larger.



The quality of the paper shredder and the warranty is important. Is the motor strong? How well it will hold up in the long term? What is the proper care and how can it be used most effectively?



Most shredders are referred to as straight cut, and consists of a series of blades that will slice through a document either vertically or horizontally. This can protect information from casual perusal, though it often is not enough for the privacy concerns of a business. Documents that are cut into uniform strips may be reassembled given enough time and effort.

Cross-cut shredders typically include perpendicularly opposed blades that can make a series of both horizontal and vertical cuts. This can result in thin, short shreds of paper that are difficult to obtain any useful information from. Confetti shredders work in a similar way and can reduce documents to tiny scraps of paper.

An even more secure method of shredding is referred to as micro cut, which results in pieces so small it would be nearly impossible to obtain information from them. Choosing the best type of cut pattern will depend on how important information security is to a business.

paper shredder price

Security for business just became very important. POPI was signed into law in November 2013, and is expected to become effective in the next few months.

  • SmartLock engages with each shred cycle to protect confidential information;
  • SilentShred offers ultra- quiet performance for shared workspaces;
  • An energy saving Sleep Mode


A shredder offers a measure of security. It is therefore logical to start the discussion around the purchase of a shredder with the question: “how much security do you need?”

In simple terms, a straight cut shredder cuts an A4 piece of paper into 36 strips. A cross-cut shredder cuts an A4 page into 300 to 400 pieces.

A micro cut shredder cuts one A4 page into 2 000, and a super micro cut shredder cuts a page into 6 000 pieces.


There is no such thing as a POPI compliant shredder,” according to research. “The POPI legislation calls for businesses and organizations to set up and implement a policy with regards to the processing, storage and destruction of personal information. The Act does not specify appropriate levels of security for the secure shredding of paperwork. Information by its very nature has differing levels of confidentiality. It is up to each organization to define adequate security as part of their POPI compliance policy and practices. Credit Applications typically include company information as well as a certain amount of personal information which according to the Act requires a higher level of security. Staff salaries, wages, retirement information or CVs will need a higher level of shredding security than would general office communications. The Act does not set these ‘appropriate’ levels of shredding security. It is up to vendors and dealers in the supply chain to assist in recommending appropriate shredding security levels.”


“Some organizations make use of outsourced bulk shredding services which seem to offer a secure solution, but how secure is it? Bulk shredders are mounted on the back of trucks. Paperwork therefore needs to be securely controlled from the office to the basement pick up point. Bulk shredders tear paperwork into 10mm to 12mm strips. Does tearing an A4 page into 20 strips satisfy the requirement for secure destruction?”


“Our belief is that personal information should be destroyed with, at the very least, a cross-cut shredder. Our Auto+range of shredders provide an ideal and secure solution when used in support of a POPI compliance policy. Auto+ 60 page and 80 page shredders situated at the desk side of low volume users provide immediate and secure destruction of paperwork. For higher volume desk side users we offer the Auto+ 100 page or 200 page models. For users in larger shared offices we offer the Auto+ 300 page, 500 page or 750 page which feature a lockable chamber ensuring that the paperwork remains secure until the shredding cycle is completed. Auto+ shredders save time as the user does not need to stand and feed. Auto+ shredders are quiet and therefore do not disturb the working environment. Simply load the machine, start the shred cycle and get on with whatever needs doing next. How long will it take to shred 750 sheets? You don’t care because you’re not there.”


Copiers Africa supplies a range of shredders catering for the modern market where users need to save energy and cost. With a vast range of shredding machines for home and personal use ranging up to industrial and recycling operations.

According to POPI, personal information of a confidential matter should be shredded at a minimum standard cross- cut level where pieces of the document cannot be pasted together. Copiers Africa supplies shredders with a security level from one to seven, and cut sizes ranging from 12mm to 0,8mm by 2mm.

The range of shredders available in the marketplace includes technological features such as energy saving, touch panel operations and auto oiling features. Shredders in the range are capable of destroying paper, CDs, credit cards, floppy discs, cardboard, textiles, leather.


Above information is based on research on various sites in order to assist you with basic information regarding the need of having a shredder in your business or institution.


Get in touch with our team. We will assist you in establishing which industrial shredder machine for hire, will be best suited for your requirements.

Why Shred?

Identity Theft is increasing in prevalence. Whether you are a small business or a large government department or agency it’s important to shred securely.

What is happening with all the printed paper in your organisation? Is it all being shredded? Dumpster divers are out there looking for un-shredded paper. It could be a rival company, an employee looking to set up in competition, an ex-employee with a grudge or a fraudster looking for customer and credit card details. Can you afford for this to happen?

In business, Identity theft is becoming one of the fastest-growing crimes due to a lack of education of staff in regard to the shredding of confidential documents.

Toshiba Tech SA supplies a huge range of ‘Class A’ & ‘Class B’ Secure endorsed shredders which are the most secure shredders on the market. These should be used for the shredding of all financial information and are mandatory for many government departments and agencies in South Africa.

In other areas of the business, shredding should also be conducted. Would you be happy with your customer lists ending up in the hands of a competitor? Level 3 and Level 4 shredders should be used in other areas of the business to ensure all paper is safely shredded.

You should ensure you have a shredder located in each area of your business which outputs confidential information. Shredding should be an integral part of your document output strategy.

You should also educate all your staff on the importance of shredding documents and regularly check your shredding policy is being adhered too.

Shredder Definitions – Read these before you buy a shredder

Cross Cut / Confetti Cut / Particle Cut – Cross Cut also known as confetti or particle cut is when paper is shredded into small pieces.Crypto Cut – The highest security crosscut shredders, usually government Class A or Class B shredders, are called Crypto Cut and the paper is shredded into tiny particles.Straight Cut / Strip Cut / Ribbon Cut – Straight Cut or Strip Cut as it is better known these days is when paper is cut into long strips.DIN Standard – The DIN Standard is a defined classification of the differing levels of security available in shredders. It states the size of shredded paper for each security level. Manufacturers use this to define the security level of their shredders. For further information take a look at our guide on Security Levels.Security Levels – Security Level 1 – Security Level 2 – Security Level 3 – Security Level 4 – Security Level 5 – Security Level 6. – These are the different security levels shredders have, also known as S1 to S6. The higher the number the more secure the shredder. For more information see our section mon Security Levels.Duty Cycle – The Duty Cycle = the amount of time a shredder will shred before the motor cuts out. If this happens turn off the shredder to let it cool down, it will then automatically reset itself. The cheaper the machine the quicker it cut outs! Look for machines with 24-hour continuous motors such as the Kobra 200/300 RangeThroat Width – The throat width is the size of the opening where you feed the paper. This determines the size of the paper you can shred without folding it. For example, 260mm fits A4, 400mm fits A4, A3 and Computer PrintoutsContinuous Sensing – This technology allows additional paper to be fed into your office shredder during shredding and prevent your office shredder from jamming.Max Sheet Capacity – The maximum number of sheets that a shredder will accept in one pass/goAutomatic Shut-Off – The shredder will automatically switch itself off after a short time to conserve power to stop children or pets getting anything caught in the shredder.Self-Cleaning – Self-cleaning cutters which work to remove loose pieces of paper to prevent paper jams.Continuous Operation – Shredders with a continuous operation or continuous operation motors can be used continuously and don’t have to be turned off for a cool down period when the motor heats up. This means no wasted time waiting for your machine to cool down to be ready to shred again.Anti Jam Technology – Incorporates technology or a button that when pressed maximises power to clear a jam.Compaction Technology – If a shredder has compaction technology shredded paper is compacted in the waste bin which allows more shredding and less emptying.Auto Feed Technology – Auto Feed Shredders, such as the Kobra 310TS-AF-C4  with this feature  can automatically shred a stack of paper with no user intervention by automatically feeding one sheet at a time.Large Bin Capacity – Extra-large bin for less emptying.Auto Reverse – Returns paper when too many sheets have been put in for the shredder to safely accept.Easy Empty Bin – If a shredder is advertised with an easy empty bin it has a pull-out bin which makes emptying faster and simpler and saves you removing the shredder head.Easy Paper Feed – With this feature the shredder head has been angled in a position for easy and instant shredding.Mercury Jam Free – With this feature the shredder mouth illuminates to warn you when too much paper has been inserted. If too much paper is inserted, the shredder will not start, preventing paper jams.Auto-Oiling – Auto-Oiling Shredding feed oil into the cutting head automatically when required to provide better shred performance and a longer shredder life. Simply connect a bottle of oil to the automatic oiler feature inside the shredderSafety Sensor – The shredder automatically shuts off when hands are too close to the paper entrySilent operation – Shredders designed for noise reduction in shared workspaces or department copy roomsEnergy savings – Shredders that enter a power-saving sleep mode when not in use.Mess reduction – the shredder features an automatic cleaning cycle that prevents paper build-up on cutters. To eliminate overflow, a sensor lets the user know when to empty the bin while a sliding flap contains dangling shreds.

How to Choose a Shredder

Option 1 – Choose from the categories

To help you choose what type of machine would be most suitable for your requirement, we have listed the available Shredding Machines in certain categories. Please note that machines listed will be capable of shredding a much higher volume than those stated in our Daily Capacity sections and are not necessarily those as stated by the Manufacturers. All models will be able to cope with spikes in requirements or usage increases in the short term.

Home Office Shredder

For Individual or Family use: may include low volume Strip-Cut or Cross Cut machines with a requirement to shred up to 50 sheets per day.

Desk Side Shredder

Up to 250 sheets per day: Shredder Waste Collection Bin can normally be emptied without the requirement to lift off the Shredder Head.

Small Office Shredder

Can easily destroy up to 1 ream – 1 pack of copier paper – 500 sheets per day: 2 to 5 users.

Large Office Shredder

Suggested for up to 10 users in a busy Office to destroy on average 2 reams (1000 sheets) of paper per day: Minimum 15-20 sheets per pass.

Department Shredder

Recommended for 25 Users as a centralised shredder in a Large Office to destroy complete files including cardboard outers.

Commercial Shredder

These machines are designed to destroy paper documents to the very smallest particles and are generally supplied to Government/Military installations where documents must be shredded to avoid espionage and where information may undermine State Defence.

Government Shredder

Shredders come in ‘Class A’ and ‘Class B’ and are mandated by certain government departments and agencies to be used for secure document Shredding.

Option 2 – Guideline Questions to help you choose the correct Shredder

Ask yourself or someone technical in the organisation the following questions to help you get your requirements correct:

  1. Do you have a brand preference?
    If you do select a brand; if you do not leave the dropdown set to ‘Any Brand’
  1. What security level do you require?
    The higher the security level the smaller the pieces of paper you get once shredded
  1. What bin capacity would you prefer?
    The higher the bin capacity the bigger the bin which means you can empty it less
  1. How many sheets of paper do you want to be able to feed into the shredder at any one time?
    Are you happy feeding a few pages at a time or do you need to be able to feed 10 or 20 pages to reduce the time you spend at the shredder?
  1. What shred type do you require?
    Would you prefer a strip cut or crosscut? Crosscut is the more secure but you do pay a premium this!
  1. How many people are likely to use the shredder?
    The more users the more likely you will need to select higher attributes for each category meaning you will need a bigger shredder than average
  1. What throat width do you require?
    To put this simply what size of paper needs to fit into the shredder? Will users only be shredding A4 or is a larger size required?

Call now for expert help and advice on choosing the right shredding machine for you



Common Shredder Questions – Copiers Africa

How long Have Copiers Africa been in Business?


Copiers Africa was formed in 2002 to help individuals and businesses find most brands of shredders easier in one place. Our aim is to provide enough information to make it easier for people to choose the correct shredder for their needs.


Which are the most popular brands of a shredder?


Does this really depend on your needs, the features of the shredder you would like and the price you are prepared to pay for each shredder? Our most popular selling brands currently are Fellows & Beswick, EBA Shredders, Kobra Shredders, New United Shredders, Ideal Shredders, Rexel Shredders


Can you guarantee the best price?


Copiers Africa aims to provide our clients with the very best value for money hence we now provide FREE Delivery on all orders. If you find a better price, ex vat for our shredders please contact us and we will match it.


Where do the shredders come from?


Copiers Africa orders direct from the manufacturers. We hold some stock and the rest comes direct from the manufacturer’s warehouses. We have built excellent relationships with all suppliers and supply all products at very competitive pricing?


Why don’t I just go direct?


Most manufacturers do not supply direct they will simply refer you to a reseller. Those that do supply products at their list prices to customers and do this to create fairness which allows their resellers like Copiers Africa a chance to build a business supplying their products, Copiers Africa sells below list price for most products which mean shopping with us works out cheaper for our customers. Further being a service-based type of equipment which requires services at certain intervals. Copiers Africa offers a comprehensive service package annually or once off to keep your shredder in good working order so that you can protect your asset. Part of the service offering is our next business day loan machine should your shredder not be repairable due to unforeseen circumstances we will provide either a shredding service or a loan machine to assist you with your daily shredding tasks

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