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Best-priced Copiers for Sale in South Africa

Are you shopping for the best all-in-one printer and copier bargains in the country?

We offer unbeatable deals on copiers for sale online in South Africa

In South Africa, Copiers Africa is the most trusted name in the supply of office automation solutions as well as information technology infrastructure. When we first started our firm in 2009, one of our primary goals was to network with other companies in the industry so that we could deliver you the nation’s top office automation services at the most competitive prices.

Since they were originally invented, produced and marketed, photocopiers have undergone tremendous development and improvement. The photocopiers that are manufactured today are packed with the most recent digital technology and the most cutting-edge mechanisms. They are able to print, scan, and copy a single document or many documents simultaneously, and many are linked to your office network. Most models of these photocopiers are known as MFPs (multi function printers).

Serving the ever-growing market of office automation, we supply multiple brands to offer you the best match for your needs and resources. Each brand is tailored to the particular environment it operates in, and each brand specialises in a specific subset of the market.

At Copiers Africa, we believe it is the quality of the service supplier rather than a brand name that will give you the best value for your money.

We have negotiated with all of the service providers to bring you the best prices and the most appropriate solutions for your needs. With certified printer engineers, best service practices, and the most up-to-date automated service levels, Copiers Africa has eliminated the worry of maintenance issues and clients being overcharged, as well as the need for clients to choose the incorrect brand simply because they feel they have been let down in the past.

We have an extensive range of MFP brands and are ready to find the best fit for your business.

The brands you can choose from:


Brother is widely regarded as one of the most reputable names in the printer industry, and as such, the company offers cutting-edge solutions that are not only tailored to meet your requirements for printing and imaging, but also those for labelling and sewing.


Canon’s dependable devices are widely considered to be the best option for producing high-quality prints in the convenience of one’s own home or business. Because they consistently deliver high-quality goods, customers all across the world have come to regard this company as an industry leader.


Epson is a printer manufacturer that has continued to grow and become fairly indispensable for many of their customers. Epson continues to give reliable printing solutions while also expanding its business. The company has a rich history that dates back to 1942 and is known for its forward-thinking approach.


For the home or workplace, an HP printer or copier is more than simply a printing device; it also adds an air of sophistication to any space. In terms of quality, they are one of the more affordable options, and their vast range of products means that you have more choices than most brands.


Konica Minolta is one of the most well-known printer manufacturers in the world, delivering high-quality goods to a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. You can anticipate speed, efficiency, and longevity from all of their products.


Because their products have proven to withstand the test of time, they have found a permanent home in enterprises around the world. In addition, they’ve mastered the formula for offering printers with the lowest cost ownership of for each of their printers.


In the world of imaging solutions, Lexmark is known for its ability to think beyond the box when it comes to producing imaging products for a variety of clients. Lexmark has developed a wide selection of printers that are simple to use while still being highly efficient.


Oki Printers are part of a global business-to-business brand dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes by providing the most affordable printers while yet maintaining high quality standards of performance. Both large and small businesses can benefit from the exceptionally fast and high performing products.


Research, creativity, and intense development have been Olivetti’s hallmarks for nearly a century now. Small and medium businesses and established firms alike can benefit from their range of modern digital solutions that can be used to automate a wide range of daily company procedures and activities.


Ricoh products are designed to improve productivity by incorporating cutting-edge technology and environmentally responsible practices. As the largest copier manufacturer in the world, they have gained a wealth of knowledge that has allowed them to remain at the top of their field.


It’s a household name that everyone recognises. Samsung is deservedly regarded as a global technology leader, and its products are known for their dependability as well as their creativity.

Each of Samsung Copiers’ locations across the world provides outstanding support for Samsung equipment.


Since 1912, Sharp has been manufacturing printers of the highest possible quality, and the company has been present in the South African market since 1972. They have established themselves as a company that can be relied upon and are known for producing some of the most powerful printers now available. In addition to this, Sharp stays current with the most recent technological developments and trends in the industry in order to deliver an amazing printing machine for their global customer base.


Because Toshiba is the company that leads the way in innovation for their sector, Toshiba Copiers provides all of the printing solutions that a customer could ever ask for. Toshiba Printers have gained a significant amount of market share in South Africa, and the company is regarded as an industry leader in the production of multifunctional printers that are intended to reduce operating expenses and office space requirements. Their extensive selection of printers are simple to operate and consume very little power, making them excellent for use in commercial settings while also being kind to the environment.