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Sharp Copiers for sale Online in South Africa


Sharp has been in the business of producing top quality sharp copiers for sale since 1912 and operating in South Africa since 1972. They have made a well trusted name for themselves and have some of the most powerful printers on the market. Sharp is also known to keep up to date with the latest technology and industry trends in order to provide their global client base with an exceptional printing machine. #1 Copiers Brand.


Sharp Copiers for Sale at the Best Prices!


You can expect the highest quality prints when buying or hiring an affordable Sharp printer in South Africa. Although Sharp has a division in South Africa, the company itself was originally founded in Japan, by the then 18 year old Tokuji Hayakawa. After patenting his “Tokubijo” snap buckle, he opened a small metalworking shop in Tokyo. This shop would become the foundation for what is today a powerhouse printing and general electronics company.

Hayakawa stayed true to his inquisitive self and never stopped researching and improving on the metal writing instruments he created. By 1915 he had invented the mechanical pen which would become an instant hit! He named it the “Ever Ready Sharp Pencil” and the company that would become Sharp was named after this product.

Sharp has 51 734 employees, in total, based all throughout the world. They are responsible for producing the Sharp famous printers and electronics, while also marketing, selling and maintaining the products once they get into the hands of clients.

For over 100 years Sharp has been introducing the public and businesses alike to a range of original products which simplify everyday work and home life. They are exceptionally committed to being transparent and sincere in all of the work that they do. This means clients can always trust their Sharp electronics.

And like many of their biggest competitors, Sharp has a strong environmental and social responsibility drive. They aim to manufacture printers that will lower the printing costs as well as have a positive rather than a negative impact on the environment. Their products, which are made from the best materials, have a really long life span and can be recycled.


The Best Printer for the Home or Office


As with most printing companies, Sharp has a wide selection of printers ideal for the home or the office, depending on your choice. You also have the fantastic option of either buying your printer or renting it. If you are unsure whether or not you should go down the rental route, consider the benefits you can enjoy. Such benefits include lower costs, use of the latest machines and assistance just a call away.

The other consideration you will have to make is the type of printer you get. With the multifunctional printer and the general office printers available, you need to decide which best suits your needs.


Some of the models you can select include:


  • Sharp AR-5623NV Digital Copier
  • Sharp AR-5731 LCD Screen Multifunctional Copier
  • Sharp DX-2500N Multi-functional copier
  • Sharp DX-C200 4-in-1 Colour MultiFunctional Copier
  • Sharp MX-2614N Digital Colour Copier
  • Sharp MX-2640N Document System
  • Sharp MX-4110N Multifunctional Copier
  • Sharp MX-5110N Network Colour Copier
  • Sharp MX-6240N High Speed Network Copier
  • Sharp MX-7040N Multifunctional Copier
  • Sharp MX-7500n Multifunction Copier Offers Full Production Colour
  • Sharp MX-C300W Multifunctional Colour Copier
  • Sharp MX-C311 Compact Copier With LCD Touch Screen

The multifunctional printer will always be a much-welcomed and popular addition to the office. They are capable of printing, faxing, scanning and copying.

Buy or rent your Sharp printer from us and we’ll help you get set up. Our team can help you make your selection and we’ll keep your printer in great condition. We also provide many other products including, new canon copiers, lexmark copiers and affordable ricoh printers.