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Best Aastra (Now Mitel) PABX Systems for Sale in South Africa

Mitel’s unified communications solutions are the industry’s best because they combine a wide range of features with a user-friendly interface to help businesses streamline operations and provide superior service to their customers.

View our range of Aastra PABX systems for sale in South Africa.

Why Choose Mitel PABX Systems

Background and History

Aastra and Mitel merged in January 2014. The merger rebranded, replaced, and discontinued various Aastra products.

Aastra Technologies Limited, formerly situated in Concord, Ontario, Canada, supplied hardware and software for Internet and worldwide communication infrastructures. Products included high-quality digital video encoders, decoders, and gateways, home and commercial telephone terminals, screen telephones, Enterprise PBXs, network access terminals, and more.

The company serves solo owners, multi-national companies, telecom providers, and government agencies. Distributors and resellers connect consumers worldwide. The company is based in Concord, Canada.

Hugh Scholaert and Francis Shen launched Aastra in Toronto in 1983 after purchasing an engineering consulting firm. The firm initially served the defence sector. In 1993, it switched to telecoms. Aastra entered the Canadian stock market in 1996.

Aastra bought Nortel Networks’ Access Solutions Division in 2000, including the rights to make Nortel phones. The company acquired Ericsson’s cable modem and Lucent Technologies’ digital video divisions in 2001. Aastra acquired Nortel’s CVX and CSG division in 2002 and ASCOM’s PBX systems in 2003.

Aastra Technologies’ 2005 revenue was 75% European due to the acquisition of the EADS Enterprise Telephony division and the DeTeWe Telecommunication Systems division. Only 5% of its revenues came from Canada, whereas 17% came from the US.

In 2008, Aastra acquired Ericsson’s enterprise PBX business, including its flagship MD110/MX-ONE Telephony Switch. Aastra won the Best of Show Award in 2008 for being Internet Telephony’s Best Large Enterprise Solution in 2007.

Mitel Core Values and Mission in Delivering Exceptional PABX Systems

The company’s goal is to help its clients adapt quickly to change by improving their ability to collaborate and communicate. Supporting their customers is a top priority, thus they work tirelessly to create and deploy cutting-edge mobility solutions, and open standard PABX Systems.

The Mitel R&D team is dedicated to improving the company’s technological infrastructure and promoting the use of industry-wide open standards.

Key Features of Aastra PABX Solutions

Even a decade ago’s business phone systems were vastly different from what’s on the market now. Modern telephone systems are digital, so they are safe and quick. Smaller firms can now compete with larger ones by utilising enterprise-level capabilities made possible by new technologies such as VoIP and the cloud. There are currently three deployment options available for today’s business phones: onsite, cloud, and hybrid.

On-Site: Some businesses want to set up a locally managed phone system onsite for strategic reasons as they would rather buy, own and manage their phone solution in-house so that they can maintain complete control over the system. Since an onsite phone system is a one-time investment (CapEx), it does not incur any recurring fees to fund the service.

Cloud: Cloud phones are hosted online phone systems. It’s a virtual phone system, so a business doesn’t need hardware to have a professional phone system. Phone systems hosted by a third-party provider can scale from small to enterprise-level businesses.

A company subscribes to a cloud phone system monthly and pays for what they use. Businesses can add lines and data with a cloud-based system. Call data can enhance customer communication and engagement like VoIP PBX.

Hybrid: Hybrid phone systems offer the best of both worlds, with certain aspects hosted in the cloud and others onsite. If a company’s onsite technology hasn’t entirely depreciated, it may desire to scale and expand its phone system. A hybrid system can bridge this gap by conserving the money you invested while providing the most flexibility for the future.

Hybrid systems combine hosted cloud phone service with existing hardware. Large corporations with several remote locations often choose this. The company may choose to control outlying locations in the cloud while delivering a consistent user experience at the main headquarters.

Advanced Features and Technology

  • One company brand
  • Dynamic extension
  • One-to-one digit access
  • Hot desks
  • Teleworker Auto-Attendant
  • Day/night switch
  • Routing calls
  • Joint communication
  • Adaptable on-hold music
  • Better filtering of incoming calls
  • Meet Me videoconferencing

Aastra PABX Product Range

  • Mitel MiVoice MX-ONE Express replaced the A astra 700. The Mitel MiVoice MX-ONE is similar.
  • Aastra 400 became Mitel MiVoice Office 400.
  • Aastra 5000 became Mitel MiVoice 5000.
  • Aastra 400 Call Centre became Mitel MiVoice Office 400.

Key Benefits

Manage a world-class UCC solution for organisations with 500 to 500,000+ users in various countries from a single logical system.

Its feature-rich UCC features offer faster, more productive business communications on-premise, private, or public cloud.

Support for the latest security standards, redundancy, survivability, and local data protection regulations lets you control your infrastructure and security and fulfil the complex needs of sensitive and mission-critical situations.

Empower your employees and business partners with a powerful, easy-to-use collaboration solution that combines audio, video, chat, messaging, web conferencing, and team collaboration capabilities.

Open standards, CloudLink, and open interfaces enable connections with third-party analogue/SIP sets and Microsoft, making it a suitable transit node for integrating third-party services.

Price Range

Take advantage of a unified purchasing experience for both subscription and CAPEX UC solutions. With the streamlined licensing, you can make the switch to SIP/UCC at your own speed and at a lower cost.

Copiers Africa has taken initiatives to facilitate the development of financial options for our SME Clients. We’ve teamed up with a major banking institution to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa, which have historically been neglected. Our new SME Lending Solution positions us to provide our high quality PBX systems for sale to the many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are in need of business enablement.

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