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Copiers Africa offers fully comprehensive managed print/document solutions through our national sales operations.

Managed Print Solutions are carefully designed using the above process,


Using the latest print fleet management software we carefully analyse every print produced by your organisation. After allowing the software to collect data for a few weeks our account managers remotely download and collected data and prepare an analysis of the findings with the simple goal of reducing costs and improving efficiency in the organisation.

Propose and Implement:

After a careful analyses of the results recovered from the print fleet analysis, our managed print experts will propose and implement a print and document handling solution with the objective of reducing costs, improving efficiency and uptime, and reducing any print wastage. We expect to see significant cost reduction from a well-implemented Managed Print Solution.

Support and Maintain

Copiers Africa service department uses proactive monitoring software to remotely receive meter readings, toner and drum requests, and service support requests from your fleet of Managed Photocopiers.


Ongoing account management and fine-tuning allow us to work with our clients in continuing to improve their print solutions, our goal is for print management to fall away from the day-to-day responsibilities of our client’s management. Working seamlessly in the background so they can focus on what they do best.

For more information on Managed Print/Photocopier solutions contact us on 087 195 2108 or email [email protected]

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