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When it comes to setting up your office with all of the necessary office appliances to make your work day flow just right, investing in a reliable paper shredder might just be the one thing that you are missing. These nifty office appliances can make a world of difference, especially if you are still working with loads of printed documents and papers.

While the world moves further into the realm of digitising everything, there are still many industries in which paper is the most common form type of documentation. But when primarily using paper in your office, you will find that in just a few short days the paper piles up and often it consists of documentation that you just don’t need.

Instead of filing or archiving all of the documents that you have, shredding them is the next best option. And it is something that is really easy to do, especially when you have invested in a quality, highly effective paper shredding device.

Kobra paper shredders are well-known. Having made their name in the industry for creating some of the world’s best shredders, with a Kobra in your office, you can be sure that you will always have something reliable to get rid of your unwanted and unnecessary documents.

Our Range of Kobra Paper Shredders for Sale

What is a paper shredder?

A paper shredder does pretty much what its name says it will do. These devices are used to shred paper, and depending on the type of shredder you choose to buy, you can have just a standard shred or something a lot smaller, which is ideal if you are looking to really conceal confidential information.

Some shredders are designed to be small and more compact while others are designed to be used a lot more often and to shred higher volumes of paper. Such devices can be ideal for all kinds of offices. Even if the bulk of the documentation has now been digitised, you might still find that having a small shredder is useful for taking care of those smaller amounts of paper that need to be disposed of.

Which type of shredder is best for your company?

Kobra is used by countless companies, because their shredders come in a variety of different sizes and are capable of easily meeting a variety of needs and expectations. Because there are quite a few shredder options available from this particular brand, you will need to know which one will be ideal for your work environment before you make your purchase.

There is no longer a one size fits all approach to shredders. While there are almost 10 different types of paper shredders and with most not necessarily made for quick and convenient office use, there are generally just 3 types of shredders that will be suitable for small and medium sized companies.

When choosing your shredder, the 3 types that you will find include the strip cut shredder, the cross cut shredder, and the micro cut shredder.

The strip cut shredder is the standard type, and the one that you are probably most familiar with. These shredders are designed to cut the paper into vertical strips, and some shredders can cut up to 30 individual strips, making the paper easier to dispose of.

Next is the cross cut shredder. This shredder takes things to the next level. These shredders are designed to cut vertically and horizontally, maximising the security of the data on the paper. These shredders will essentially turn the paper into confetti and again, this will make the paper easier to recycle.

And then there is the micro cut shredder, which will provide you with the finest cut of all the popular shredder types. These shredders are designed to cut so finely that they leave not a single letter intact, ensuring that anything printed on the document will remain completely confidential and it will also make it really easy to move large amounts of documents around when you want to dispose of the paper.

Why buy a paper shredder for your business?

There are a great many reasons why a paper shredder could be one of the greatest things you add to your office, especially if your goal is to be clutter free or if you want to make recycling easy. The most common reason to buy a shredder is to preserve confidentiality. Often, documents include sensitive information, such as names, addresses, banking details and identity numbers. In order to preserve the data and keep it safe, shredding the paper is the best option.

There is also an environmental aspect to shredding paper. Instead of it taking up space in a warehouse or stacking it in a box somewhere until it can be taken away, shredded paper is easier to recycle and it takes up less space and as such uses less energy.

Certain types of paper shredders are also ideal for disposing of banking and credit cards, which is really helpful if you are looking for a safe way to destroy cards which are no longer in use.

Why purchase Kobra paper shredders?

As a paper shredder brand that has become well-known in the business world, Kobra is the most-trusted shredder manufacturer and is used by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Each of the devices made by Kobra are designed to meet the expectations of clients while also staying in great shape despite being used on a constant basis.

These devices are easy to maintain and they are also designed to be consistent in the way in which they shred. The result, time and again, is a fully shredded paper which is easy to handle and impossible to read.

Along with these devices being really effective at what they do, they are also a cost effective buy, with the Kobra paper shredder prices being really affordable for companies of all kinds.

For more information about Kobra paper shredder, you can contact us today to find out more about these incredible devices or to get hold of our prices and our list of Kobra shredders currently in stock.

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