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Gestetner Global Printers

Profitable, productive, sustainable and secure. These are the very words used to describe the printers manufactured by Gestetner Global Printers.

Gestetner is a well-known printer manufacturer with an intense focus on providing companies with the kind of technology that will improve business processes while they also have document and information management solutions. Their helpful solutions are made for companies of all shapes and sizes and are guaranteed to improve the productivity of any company. Gestetner is a service-focused company and they have 4 core services namely managed document services, IT services, production printing and office solutions. Regardless of where a company is in the world, or the industry in which the company works, Gestetner is more than able to provide both helpful support and affordable products to anyone in search of a reliable printer that ticks all the boxes. With our products and support, your business is a better position to achieve its goals.

Gestetner is a member of the Ricoh Family which itself has an amazing reputation for helping companies to become more productive and overall profitable.

As mentioned, Gestetner is committed to helping the companies that use the Gestetner printer to be more ambitious about their goals and to actually achieve them. Adding proper value to the work that you do and making your company more efficient will mean that both you and your customers can enjoy the benefits of these printers. Up to 6% of the annual revenue of the company goes towards ongoing research and development needed to keep up with the ever changing industry. With each new development, the company looks towards future work styles and how their printers can give the necessary support.

And just like many printing companies, Gestetner is committed to the environment and ensuring that the products they produce are good for it. They only use materials that are biomass-based and they try to ensure that each stage of the products life cycle is sustainable and healthy for the environment. Much of their environmental focus is based on Ricoh’s intense commitment to making environmentally friendly printers.

Gestetner Printers for the South African Office

When considering which printer is the right one for you, you are likely to consider all of the options available. You are also going to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of buying vs. renting a copier. Many South African companies are focused on saving money and energy in every way possible. Often renting a printer is one of the better options for this purpose.

With saving time and money in mind, Gestetner has a wide range of different types of printers. From the ever popular multifunction printer to the general printer and copiers, you will find what you need within the Gestetner range.

Their products include the wide/large format printer, the production printers, fax machines, copiers, printers, multifunction printers, digital duplicators and projectors. They also have various connectivity tools and software that can improve your day to day tasks. The printers are available as both the colour option as well as the black and white option. Each of the printers is very much cost conscious and will produce the best quality prints.

We have a great selection of Gestetner printers available to rent or buy and we are also on hand to provide you will all of the support you could possibly need. Contact us today to find the best printing solution for your business needs.